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Home Buying 101: 5 Practical Tips to Get Low Mortgage Rates

Getting low mortgage rates is a combination of long-term commitment and plenty of legwork. Although you can find the most agreeable local mortgage company, it won’t benefit you if you don’t have the right financial standing to back you up. This will be an even greater issue if you have a low credit score. Having a bad credit score from the start will always be disadvantageous. Thankfully, there are some practical ways to lower your mortgage score to give you a better deal in financing your...

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3 Strategies for Successfully Consolidating Your Debts

Handling a single debt may not sound too tough, but having to track multiple sources with different interest rates and repayment terms might be challenging. This is one reason many people fall behind in their repayments. They simply cannot track their debts, which piles higher and higher over time.   Fortunately, we have a solution: debt consolidation. As the name implies, this endeavor allows you to consolidate all debt into one large debt that is slowly paid off. It can make things easier...

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What You Need To Know About Home Insurance During Divorce.

Whether the divorcing couple is on good terms or bad terms getting divorced can be rough. It can be stressful, time-consuming, and confusing with all of the paperwork that goes into it. Chances are both parties are listed as shared parties on a lot of documents, including insurance policies. How is the disposition of the marital home affected? The person who stays in the marital home after the divorce will need to make sure that the homeowners' insurance is under his or her name. Likewise, the...

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Managing Joint Debt and Consumer Credit During Divorce

While the majority of divorcing consumers have an understanding of credit, unfortunately, there are still those whose spouses ‘took care of all that stuff’ and they truly do not have the experience of working with credit and bill paying.Understanding the makeup of your credit score is the first step towards managing and improving it. As you might expect, payment history is the most influential component and this is followed closely by the amounts owed. To lesser degrees, the length of time...

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3 Reasons It’s Better to Purchase a Home Than Rent It

Compared to many other basic human needs, housing presents itself as a complicated facet because of how much goes on when one deals with it. Unlike food, insurance, clothing, or cars, homes can present a rather complicated experience when purchasing because of the different questions and details you’ll need to figure out. Regardless of what type of home you’re going for, how your financial situation is, or how big your family is, dealing with a real estate transaction is far from the...

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