Living in Cape Coral, FL

In Southwest Florida close to Fort Myers, you will find the lovely community of Cape Coral, Florida. This city in Lee County is home to an estimated 200,972 people as of the 2020 US Census.

Indeed, Cape Coral is a fast-growing city. The number above represents a 30% jump in the population over the course of just a decade.

With its location on the Gulf of Mexico, this is a wonderful place to settle if you enjoy the tropics.

Fun fact: Did you know that there are more navigable waterways in Cape Coral than there are in any other city around the world? Together, they add up to 400 miles.

If you may be moving to the Cape Coral area, this guide will help you to visualize what it is like to live there. We will talk about cost of living, employment opportunities, education, weather and more.

Cost of Living in Cape Coral FL

What is the Cost of Living in Cape Coral?

We can find data that compares the cost of living in Cape Coral, Florida to the US average as well as the average for FL at Sperling’s Best Places.

This website rates cost of living on an index where the nationwide average is 100. Ratings that fall below 100 are less expensive than the nationwide average, and those that fall above 100 are more expensive.

On that scale, Florida sits at 102.8, and Cape Coral at 103.9. So, both are just marginally more expensive than the nationwide average. That is not bad when you consider that you will be living in a beautiful coastal city.

As far as the breakdown goes, most of the costs are pretty close. Utilities and miscellaneous expenses are actually a tad less expensive in Cape Coral than they are in the US as a whole. The largest difference in the other direction is in health expenses.

Getting Around in Cape Coral FL

What is the Cost of Housing in Cape Coral?

The cost of housing in Cape Coral as listed by Sperling’s is almost identical to the nationwide average. With the nationwide average again expressed as 100, the housing cost for Cape Coral, Florida is 100.2.

What does that translate to in terms of dollar amounts? The median home cost in Cape Coral is $231,700. That is scarcely more than the $231,200 median home cost for the US as a whole.

Employment Opportunities in Cape Coral FL

Employment Opportunities in Cape Coral

The US median income in 2019 was $65,712 according to the US Census. For the period ranging from 2015 to 2019, the US Census reports that the median household income in Cape Coral was $61,599, which is pretty close to that.

This slightly lower income is not a concern because Florida is one of just eight states with no income tax.

The sales tax in Florida is 7.08%, which is pretty moderate.

So, when you consider the overall cost of living for Cape Coral in conjunction with the salary information and tax rates, this city is an affordable place to live.

Now you know what you can earn, but can you expect to find job openings?

Sperling’s Best Places gives an excellent future job growth projection of 41.04% for Cape Coral, which is significantly higher than the 33.51% mentioned for the US as a whole.

Major industries in Cape Coral include retail, healthcare, real estate, and construction. Some of the top employers in the city are Publix Supermarkets, the Lee County School System, Lee Memorial Hospital, Walmart, and the City of Cape Coral.

Education in Cape Coral FL

Cape Coral Education

Speaking of schools, is Cape Coral a good place to get an education as a young person or an adult?

The Lee County Board of Education includes 9 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 5 high schools. There is also a public municipal charter school system that does not charge tuition.

For postsecondary education, students can enroll in the Florida SouthWestern State College, the Florida Gulf Coast University, Hodges University, Southwest Florida College, Cape Coral Technical College, or Rasmussen College.

Getting Around in Cape Coral FL

Cape Coral Boasts Low Crime Rates

Along with its educational opportunities, the relative safety of Cape Coral, Florida compared to other communities also makes it a great location to raise a family.

Sperling’s ranks crime on a scale of 1 to 100, where 100 is high crime. On that scale, the US average violent crime rate is 22.7. The violent crime rate in Cape Coral is just 10.7.

The US average property crime rating is 35.4, but for Cape Coral, it is just 28.4.

Getting Around in Cape Coral FL

Getting Around Cape Coral

Interstates and bridges make it easy to get around the Cape Coral region by car. In fact, you can cross two different bridges to go between Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

If you are looking for public transportation options, you can take any of 18 bus routes operated by LeeTran.

You may be wondering what it is like to commute to work in this city. When Sperling’s last updated its commuting stats, 0.1% were using mass transit, 5.5% were working from home, 9.3% were carpooling, and 82.9% were driving to work alone.

The average one way commute time for Cape Coral is 27.9 minutes, which is just marginally longer than the 26.4-minute nationwide average.

That being said, it is a beautiful area, and you will love the views of the water as you drive.

Weather Condition in Cape Coral FL

How is the Weather in Cape Coral?

What is the climate like in Cape Coral? During summer, highs can reach up to 92 degrees Fahrenheit or so, while in winter, lows can dip to around 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, summers can be hot, but winters are very temperate. There is no snow, but there is around 53 inches of rain every year.

That means those who love tropical climates will be happiest living in Cape Coral. Check our local weather.

Leisure and Entertainment in Cape Coral FL

Leisure and Entertainment in Cape Coral

Now let’s talk about what you can do during your time off while you are living in Cape Coral, Florida or the surrounding area.

Some popular attractions you can visit in Cape Coral include the Cape Coral Museum of History, the Shell Factory and Nature Park, Sirenia Vista, the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, Lakes Park, and Coral Oaks Golf Course.

There are, of course, many water-based activities you can enjoy since you are right at the coastline.

You will also find shopping, dining, nightlife, and other amenities throughout the area.

Check our Community Calendar for more.

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