Compared to many other basic human needs, housing presents itself as a complicated facet because of how much goes on when one deals with it.

Unlike food, insurance, clothing, or cars, homes can present a rather complicated experience when purchasing because of the different questions and details you’ll need to figure out. Regardless of what type of home you’re going for, how your financial situation is, or how big your family is, dealing with a real estate transaction is far from the straightforward situation many hope it would be. 

A dilemma (and an answer)

If you are currently looking for a home, you’ll eventually arrive at that point where you’ll need to deliberate on whether to continue renting a home or buying it instead.

Whether you’re a bit tight for cash or slowly making a handsome amount each month and saving it all up, it can be difficult to choose between being a tenant or a homeowner. Considering that both options will significantly impact your financial situation and experience over the years, you’re probably thinking about renting a home instead because of how much you can save. Yet, although it might be true, the truth is that it’s a lot better to buy a home instead of just renting it.

Why should you buy and not rent?

Admittedly, buying a home can seem like a heavy financial burden because of the significant commitment. After all, a mortgage can take up a significant chunk of your monthly income. However, looking deeper into the whole dilemma and viewing the arguments for buying a home instead of renting will show you why it’s smarter to be a homeowner than a renter! 

If you find yourself in a position where you’ll need to deliberate between the two options, here are three compelling reasons you should make a purchase: 

Reason #1: Your payments are more stable

The main problem point of renting that many homeowners don’t see until it’s too late is that monthly rates are subject to change. This means that a property owner can bump your rent up to the point where it would be cheaper to pay for a mortgage. 

When you look at the repayment timetables of both renting and buying for any property and compare them side by side, you’ll notice that the latter has a much more uniform monthly amount. For example, applying for a mortgage at Loan Solutions Now is much cheaper because monthly payments stay the same (plus a bit of interest, of course)! 

Reason #2: You will eventually have to stop paying

One of the strongest arguments for purchasing a home instead of renting it is that with the former, you will stop paying sooner or later.

You see, choosing to rent a home can set you up for a lifetime of expenses that will hold you back from saving money because it’s a cost that keeps on coming up—well until you finally choose to buy a home. Instead of throwing money away with endless renting, spending the same amount (or even less) on monthly repayments for a home will leave you with more financial freedom in the long run! 

Reason #3: You will have the freedom to do whatever you want with your property

If you’ve always had the dream of having a custom and renovated room that’s built specifically to your preferences, then you can say goodbye to it if you choose to just rent.

In a rental property, an owner has a significant amount of control over everything concerning it, which means that you still have to get approval (and potentially risk getting rejected either way). But by opting to take the right step towards homeownership, you can paint the walls any color you want, remodel, tear a wall down, change a room’s layout, and more! 


When you delve into the whole idea of finding a home to live in, you’ll eventually face the dilemma of choosing between buying or renting—but practically and financially speaking, the former option is much more optimal. If you want to live a life of unhampered homeownership and make the most out of your experience, take this as a sign to start considering the idea of buying a home!

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