Getting low mortgage rates is a combination of long-term commitment and plenty of legwork. Although you can find the most agreeable local mortgage company, it won’t benefit you if you don’t have the right financial standing to back you up. This will be an even greater issue if you have a low credit score. Having a bad credit score from the start will always be disadvantageous. Thankfully, there are some practical ways to lower your mortgage score to give you a better deal in financing your home.

How to get a low mortgage rate

Remember that mortgage companies are taking a risk in helping to finance your real estate, which is why it’s in your interests to look and act your best. This means being more frugal about your spending habits and making cautious financial decisions that can affect your credibility as a borrower.

If you want a great deal for your home, here are five tips to lower your mortgage rate:

1. Have a consistent work history

Mortgage lenders want an assurance that you have consistent income and stable employment. It’s one of the many vital factors they consider in accepting your mortgage application. The longer you’ve been at the same business, the greater chances that you can sign on to a long-term repayment term.

2. Ask for a lower rate

The simplest way to get a lower mortgage rate is to ask for a better option. Although it can seem like a groundbreaking idea, it’s fairly common for borrowers to say “No.” to initial offers. With the right credit score to back you up, a lender will be willing to hear you out. Make sure to gauge your options to get several offers so you can use their proposals as your leverage.

3. Start strong with a higher down payment

Except for some home loans, presenting a down payment is necessary to close a deal. Depending on how much you can put down initially, your long-term rates will adjust accordingly. The more money you can give now, the less amount you’ll have to worry about in the future.

4. Take your chances on fixed and adjustable rates

One way to lower your mortgage interest is by considering an adjustable-rate mortgage. It allows you to experience a lower rate for the first seven years, with a more flexible rate that varies, depending on market trends. However, keep in mind that this option can be risky if the market prices are soaring. This is why it’s necessary to listen to mortgage experts for proper forecasting. Otherwise, you can end up with a much higher interest than the initial fixed-rate offer.

5. Retain and improve your good credit score

The most straightforward way to get low mortgage rates is by having a great credit score. Generally, this means that higher scores are more reliable while lower scores equate to riskier borrowers. Even after closing a deal with your chosen mortgage provider, you should still maintain and improve your credit score. Eventually, you can take advantage of your better credit standing to refinance your mortgage for better rates on your remaining mortgage debt.


A common mistake for first-time homebuyers is giving in to pressure from mortgage lenders. Remember that you shouldn’t rush into any deal unless you’re sure that it’s the best option for you. The best way to scope out your options is to get advice from a mortgage expert. Doing so enables you to learn different strategies and methods to raise your credit score and approach mortgage lenders for better deals.

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